When a patient requires monthly infusion therapy, it can be a inconvenient, and less than pleasurable experience.  Physicians who treat disorders requiring treatment with monthly medical infusions often do not perform the treatments themselves, rather they refer their patients to hospitals where infusions take place. Alternatively, many patients utilize in-home infusion nurses who perform infusions at the patient’s residence. Both of these options can be inconvenient, filled with hassles that patients would rather not deal with.

Hospital Infusion Centers are often over-crowded, with long wait times and impersonal staff. Receiving infusions “in-home” sounds good, but patient’s are at the mercy of the infusion nurse’s hectic schedule, and the home is not a medically sound environment to perform medical procedures.

Our state-of-the-art medical infusion center specializes in providing expert, patient-focused infusion medicine care that caters to patients who want a high-degree of medical excellence, and convenience in an upscale, medical environment. We insist that patients remain in treatment with their treating provider(s) while they receive infusions from us.  We will remain in close clinical contact with any, and all referring providers so that patient care is tightly coordinated.

Infusion medicine is our expertise, and we take the entire experience seriously.